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Birds - Brown Creeper - watercolor on board
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Detailed Description

Brown Creeper ... 5 - 5 3/4
The name creeper fits. A slim well-camouflaged brown bird, smaller than a sparrow, with a slender curved bill and a rather stiff tail used as a prop when climbing.
It climbs a tree like a spiral staircase, then flies to the base of the next tree.
Note, a single long thin seeee, similar to the quick trebled note (see-see-see) of the Golden Crowned Kinglet.
Song, weak, clear notes see-ti-wee-tu-wee, or see-see-see-ti-ti-see.

Item is postcard-size (3-5/8 x 5-1/2 inches), but is not a postcard. The image appears to have been penciled and then painted on a heavy cardstock or watercolor paperboard. The above paragraph is handwritten on the back, and the name "Roger Tory Peterson" is handwritten at the bottom edge. This doesn't, however, appear to be the artist's signature.

The edges are cut slightly uneven. The corner tips have only minor wear. The item is clean and bright.

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